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Daily Cares philosophy is to work with their clients very closely to understand their needs and provide solutions to help them by offering a number of products with additional options to enable them to do this. The products are suitable for a number of clients with complex needs which include Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurons disease, Muscular Dystrophy, brain injury, Parkinsons, stroke victims and many other conditions which lead to people not being able to support themselves.

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Through offering a personal demonstration and assessment where a Daily Care representative will visit yourself or your clients home we can gauge what is suitable for each individual case.

We comply with the ISO 9001:2008 management system and all our products are CE marked and tested. Over the years we have worked with a vast range of local councils and well respected bodies.

Our expert team is always available to discuss your enquiry.

Please get in touch via our website, or email us direct at
info@dailycare.co.uk or call us on 01723 865427.

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Client Testimonials

We have two of your Combi units which are used in the swimming pool area. Students ranging from 7 to 19 years of age are hoisted from the pool then they are taken to the shower. Staff report that the Combi chairs are easy to use, enabling staff in the pool to manoeuvre the student on to one unit in the swimming pool reducing the need for extra moving and handling procedures. The students enjoy the flexibility of the mesh enabling them to have a comfortable shower. It’s been a joy dealing with directly with the manufacturer, the quality of the product is of a high standard. Thank You.
Gina, Organ Valance School, Kent
To Kevin David and all the crew at Daily care I’m writing to say A HUGE THANK YOU for going out of your way to help get my sons toilet back on track there’s been many many phone calls to the disability team to try and sort the chair out and Kevin came to try and help us with what was wrong you couldn’t have got a nicer chap his attention to detail was a 100/0 per cent and Kevin came to see us on Thursday last week and we now have a chair that’s fit for a king but it’s perfect for my son so I say thank u thank u thank u for everything you have done to get the new pieces made for the chair I would be very happy to tell any1 if they needed anything I would tell them to call you 1st before going anywhere else, so as I say goodbye thank you very much and I think you should give all your workers a pat on the back from me Mrs Alice guy my husband Steve and my son Mark.
Mrs Alice Guy, Nottingham

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Here at Daily Care we draw on years of experience working with clients to produce the ultimate in design. Using state of the art CAD software, industry leading processes and local British manufacturing; we stay at the forefront of our industry.

We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint. Through conscientious recycling, intelligent processes and careful planning we are helping to save the world. We encourage you to do the same!

Ahead of the Curve

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Daily Care has over 20 years experience in the industry. With an in-house support and design team, we can meet your every need.


Daily Cares philosophy is to work with their clients very closely to understand their needs. Our team will be on-hand to help throughout the process.

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Daily Care has achieved numerous awards for our products. Get in touch today to find out why we are the best.