4in Roll
The 4in Roll can be applied to either or both of the side arms giving additional support. The 4in Roll could also be used on the back of the seat to provide support for the clients neck. The attachment strap can be made from Elastic or Velcro, depending on preference.

Ankle Huggers
Whilst attached to a Daily Care product the soft material wraps around the clients ankles to minimize movement. With a simple Velcro strap the Ankle Restraints are opened and closed with ease.

Body Harness
Used for support and to keep the user upright this body harness is easily adjustable and can be simply taken off or applied with the use of the 4 strap clips.

Commode Frame & 12in Pan
The Commode Frame & 12” Pan is an accessory for the Combi Unit. If you are unable to use the Combi over the toilet then the commode frame is a useful alternative. The frame sits underneath the cradle with the commode pan directly underneath the Aperture in the mesh.

We recommend the Vinyl Funnel when using the commode pan to make it more hygienic.

Flat Pad
Flat Pads can offer additional support to either or both of the side arms and as a neck support on the seat back. The Velcro or Elastic strap can be easily applied and taken off the unit.

Head Support
Head Support provides support to either both or one side of the clients head. The Velcro strip allows the padded supports to be moved and placed as desired. With the head support also attaching to a Daily Care product via Velcro the head support placed and altered to the clients most comfortable position.

Hoist Straps
The hoist straps can be used on the cradles for hoisting on and off the Base Transporter, the user can then be placed in or out of a bath, swimming pool or spar pool.

The hoist straps have been tested to a safe working load of 175 Kg and the Carabiners are spring loaded.

In-Bath Supports
With the Combi cradle we pride are selves on is being able to be used over the toilet, in the shower and also in a bath. We have three types of equipment to secure the cradle in the bath:

In-Bath Support Stand
In-Bath Island Model Straight
In-Bath Island Model Angled

The three supports have been designed to accommodate different styled baths. Below is an example of how the angled In-Bath Island Model would look in a bath and how the cradle would be positioned.

Lateral Support
Lateral supports can be used on a variety of Daily Care products to provide core support. 2 adjustable buckle clips are used to secure the lateral supports to the unit and a Velcro strip allows the supports to be placed in whichever comfortable position.

Overlay Panel
The Overlay Panel is an accessory which is placed over an aperture in a mesh. This prevents the client from sitting directly on the aperture when the unit is not used over a toilet. Velcro straps are used to secure the panel in place.

Padded Foot Board
This Vinyl topped padded foot board is fastened by being clipped over a pair of footplates, this allows the foot board to be removed when desired yet easily applied to create a solid foot support. This design enables the height of the padded foot board to be altered and for it to be removed if and when desired.

Side Arms
There are two different types of side arms straight and cranked; they come in sizes Medium and Large to fit the size of the cradle.
Side arms are accessories for the Combi Unit and Solo Shower Cradle. With the new design of securing the side arms in place using a toggle, we have made it easier to attach and detach the side arms.
The cranked side arms are unique to Daily Care and were designed by the in house design team. We offer bespoke alternatives to our products to suit the individual clients needs.
Diagrams below show how the side arms can be arranged to suit the user and ensure they are comfortable when using the equipment.